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You're More Powerful Than You Think...


Do you find yourself constantly pleasing others, struggling to set boundaries, and feeling drained? Imagine transforming that! Energetic Wealth is your 3-month intensive journey designed for empaths and people pleasers like you. This program is crafted to help you navigate the life & relationships with an abundance of energy, confidently saying "no" without the burden of overcommitment or overspending. 

Dive Into Your Transformation:


Authentic Self Discovery: Needs, Wants, and Desires

Are you eager to maintain a high, vibrant energy level? Join me as we uncover the secrets to a more fulfilling life. Together, we'll delve into understanding your deepest needs, wants, and desires. It's all about discovering your Authentic Codes, the unique blueprints that guide you towards living in true alignment with your most authentic self. Embrace this journey to become the best version of you, radiating energy and authenticity at every step! 


Embrace the Power of "Yes" with Boundaries Rooted in Love

This journey is all about embracing your power by saying "yes" to yourself. Discover how to communicate your needs with both grace and strength. We'll guide you through some of the most effective tools for expressing your needs, wants, and desires, all from a place of love and unwavering strength. Join us and learn to set boundaries that honor your true self, nurturing your relationships with love and assertiveness. 


Unlock Your Wealthiest Self: Bring Your Best Version to Life

Imagine the best version of you — now, let's turn that vision into your reality. Who is this vibrant new you? What are they achieving, and what treasures do they possess? In this transformative journey, we'll rewire your identity, unlocking and activating your most affluent self. Together, we'll align your being with abundance, ensuring that all your desires seamlessly transition from dreams to reality. Embrace this path to embody the wealth and fulfillment you're destined for.

I WANT to Become Energetic Wealthy

Energetic Wealth Activation: A Journey to Your True Self


This isn't just another course. It's an awakening. It's about:

  • Rediscovering your full, radiant self.
  • Embracing love, divine energy, and abundance.
  • Shifting your very identity to align with your true potential.

My Journey to Empower You

My story began at 14 when my mom left, thrusting me into early adulthood. I took on the role of caregiver, striving to be the "good girl" who kept everyone happy amidst our family's post-divorce struggles. This pattern of pleasing others continued for years.

Moving to the USA at 24 with only $2,000, I faced a near-death experience and a daunting $30,000 medical debt. Despite these challenges, I managed to buy a house within four years and travel the world. During this time, I invested over $100,000 in personal growth, learning to break free from the "good girl" syndrome and realizing that my happiness shouldn't depend on others.

This journey taught me about personal strength, setting boundaries, and self-love. Now, through Energetic Wealth, I share these life-changing lessons with you. Let's embark on this path of empowerment together.



Hear From Those Who've Transformed!

"With Andreea's guidance, I've launched two successful programs and connected deeply with my intuition."

- Justin Wenk, Ph.D

"Andreea's passion and commitment are unmatched. She's a catalyst for stepping out of your comfort zone."

- Michelle Turley, Energy Healer

"Andreea helped me embrace my business goals and push past fears." 

- Kelly Kelleher, Marketer

"Andreea inspired me to face my fears and pursue my dreams with conviction."

- Valerie van Ginhoven, Manifestation Coach

"Her nurturing yet firm approach has significantly contributed to my personal growth."

- Marla Galasso, Virtual Assistant

"Andreea's clear guidance and genuine interest revitalized my business approach."

- Justine Smith, Copywriter

"Her optimism and strategies helped me overcome negativity and set meaningful goals."

- Andra Cardenas, Customer Service Professional

Let's Do This Together!

I believe in you and your incredible journey ahead. Trust in yourself, as I do in you. Embrace your power and let's activate your Energetic Wealth together!



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6 Live Sessions With Me

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3 Meditations Recorded Live in the Akashic Records


Community of Other Beautiful Souls

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How to do a Life Audit Workshop

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"A Journey to Remarkable Leadership" Course

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"Uncover your Money Blueprint" Live Workshop


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