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Success Stories

Justin Wenk, Ph.D

“I'm now in the game having launched two programs with happy paying clients ...”

When I first started working with Andreea I had only ever earned a paycheck from employers working in the tech field. I wanted to start an online business where I could use my years of yoga, meditation, and coaching experience to help others and have a more flexible work-life doing what I love.

After working with Andreea for over 6 months I'm now in the game having launched two programs with happy paying clients. With Andreea's coaching, I was able to better connect with my intuition and see challenges in new ways so that I could solve them much more quickly than I ever would have on my own.

I can confidently say that where I'm at today would have taken me at least an additional year had I gone it alone. I can't even begin to put a price on being 1 year closer to making my dreams a reality and enjoying the process too! I'm excited to continue building on this momentum and serve even more people as I continue to learn and expand.

Andreea helped me from high-level challenges liking clarifying my vision to pragmatic issues like how to build a landing page.


Michelle Turley, Energy Healer

“Her willingness to take you out of your comfort zone and stand firm is what every business person needs ...”

I have worked with Andreea for several months. Her passion is contagious, her attention to detail is spot on, her commitment to following up with your progress is consistent and supportive, her willingness to take you out of your comfort zone and stand firm is what every business person needs! I highly recommend Andreea Tamas for all your coaching needs. I am extremely grateful for everything she has done for me!


Michael Pope, Speaker 

“Her training and professionalism exceeded my expectations ...”

I’m Application Developer and IT Business Consultant for International Paper. I just completed my second group training with Andreea Tamas and it was amazing. I am a natural introvert so I decided to take Andreea's training on Everyone Communicates, Few Connect with the goal of learning to be a better connector. The group discussion and personal accountability were very helpful. I now have better tools for connecting to individuals, small groups, and large audiences. Andreea is an amazing encourager and listener. Andreea, I am looking forward to working more with you.


Kelly Kelleher, Marketer

“Andreea helped me push past my fears of showing up for my business ...”

Andreea is an absolutely incredible and inspiring human being. She helped me become more aligned with my goals and develop the tactics to reach them. Her ongoing support and encouragement has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and stop playing small. I highly recommend working with her!


Valerie van Ginhoven, Manifestation Coach

“She helped me find the blockages that were stopping me from taking action ..."

I'm so grateful to have met Andreea and worked with her one on one. She believed in me and has inspired me to go after my dreams and face my fears while keeping me accountable, which I really needed. The way she asked me questions made me look within to find the blockages that were stopping me from taking action and moving forward on my path.


Marla Galasso, Virtual Assistant

“Andreea is the perfect mix of being nurturing and firmly holding you accountable ...”

She has incredible intuition - she can hear your narrative and pick out a couple of areas for you to focus on. Her homework is substantive. From mirror work and positive affirmations to acknowledging and accepting parts of myself that no longer serve me, I have valued her coaching so very much.


Justine Smith, Copy Writer 

“She took a genuine interest in my business and
goals ...”

Each discussion I've had with Andreea has been extremely beneficial. From the very first call we had, she took a genuine interest in my business and goals. Since then, she's offered clear guidance and support. I came to some realizations about my own journey and got really inspired to jump back into my business again! After our most recent call, I spent days putting the plans she helped me form into action. I greatly appreciate the coaching she's offered.


Andra Cardenas, 
Customer Service Professional

“Andreea is the person who will help you identify your blockages and give you clear guidance on how to work through them ...”

She helped me overcome negativity, set goals and have a better relationship with myself. Her optimism and positive energy is contagious. I am deeply grateful and highly recommend her.


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