Every Second Monday of the Month from 7:00 to 8:30 am PST

With Andreea Tamas - SoulCare & Sacred Transitions Coach 

Sacred Circles 

A group of women that come together to engage in new rituals and grow in consciousness.


Learn how to see yourself more clearly and heal in sacred space through the Akashic Records process. During this hour, you will receive a free reading, an experience where you will get live channeled messages from Divine. 

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sacred circles

You will Learn 

How to feel met, accepted and
become more empowered to be in the fullness of who you are

How to be held by the energies of the circle and of the spirit

How to see yourself more
clearly and deeply

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This Sacred Circle is different


1) We will be held by energies larger than ourselves through the Akashic Records 

2) Each person in the group holds a part of the whole needed for the healing of all

3) A sacred space to bring your untold stories or previously hidden feelings to the light of consciousness and into healing

Share and engage in ceremony and learn how to be held and hold everyone in a safe & sacred space

Meet your host, Andreea Tamas

SoulCare & Sacred Transitions Coach

  • After moving from Romania to the USA in 2014, she worked in management consulting but since 2019 she has been focused on her coaching business because she recognized she was not in alignment with her most divine path, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed in the corporate world.
  • Another shift came in April 2022, when she lost her life partner after a long and hard cancer journey. As part of his legacy, she now helps those experiencing these painful and challenging changes so that they can find beauty and divinity even while they are experiencing the difficulty of it.
  • She is a certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer with John Maxwell, a Reiki Practitioner, and a Soulcare Coach specializing in Akashic Records
  • Her mission is to help you transform the change into a MAGICAL experience by holding and creating sacred spaces for you to be fully seen and heard

Success Stories

Why do our clients love working with Andreea

“She helped me find the blockages that were stopping me from taking action ..."

I'm so grateful to have met Andreea and worked with her one on one. She believed in me and has inspired me to go after my dreams and face my fears while keeping me accountable, which I really needed. The way she asked me questions made me look within to find the blockages that were stopping me from taking action and moving forward on my path.

- Valerie van Ginhoven, Manifestation Coach


“Her willingness to take you out of your comfort zone and stand firm is what every business person needs ...”

I have worked with Andreea for several months. Her passion is contagious, her attention to detail is spot on, her commitment to following up with your progress is consistent and supportive, and her willingness to take you out of your comfort zone and stand firm is what every business person needs! I highly recommend Andreea Tamas for all

- Michelle Turley, Energy Healer


“Andreea is the person who will help you identify your blockages and give you clear guidance on how to work through them ...”

She helped me overcome negativity, set goals, and have a better relationship with myself. Her optimism and positive energy are contagious. I am deeply grateful and highly recommend her.


- Andra Cardenas, Yoga Teacher


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