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Are you happy with what you create in your life right now?

Whether you’re a fully-fledged business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, if there is a voice inside of you that is calling you to lead, to take the leap and expand beyond your borderslisten to it!

I understand the story you may be living because I have been there ... 

  • I believed that my story was about paying the bills, fixing the car, keeping a roof over my family's head, and living for the weekends.
  • Our modest condo in North Lake Tahoe became a project of love, eventually evolving into our sanctuary.
  • If time permitted, I visited my parents who live abroad and took short vacations with my husband.
  • I was highly effective at managing these details in life, as well as reasonably successful in supporting the vision, mission, and dreams of employers who treated me very well.

It was a good, definitely above-average life story, with one exception:  my experience, talents, and skills were not supporting MY passion and purpose.  I was not the hero in my own story. 

  • And then one day I realized: the last five years of my life had just flown by.
  • I was not terribly unhappy, but I most certainly wasn’t fulfilling the story I had imagined for myself five years back.
  • The necessary passion and vision, backed by skills, experience, and talent were all in place.
  • I just needed to make one heart-centered decision: to ensure I would be looking back on a new version of my story, five years from now.
  • And I did!

Let me coach you along the adventure of becoming the  heart-centered HERO in your life story!

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