21-Day Manifest Abundance Challenge 


21-Day Manifest Abundance Challenge
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Insights from Koh Phangan, Thailand 
Join me for a unique experience with drawings from Koh Phangan (the manifestation island). Dive into the "Abundance of Angels" oracle cards for insights that were shared live. Together, we'll explore empowering questions, unlock pivotal resources, and share wisdom to guide your path.

Effortless Abundance Manifestation
Elevate your vibration and attract abundance with ease – align your energy with your desires for a smoother, flowing journey.

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About your Host, ANDREEA TAMAS

My journey has been about big changes, from working in restaurants and management consulting in the USA to finding my true purpose in helping others create an orgasmic & abundant life.

I bring a special mix of skills to help you balance your life and business. I'm a certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer with John Maxwell, and I also practice Reiki and SoulCare Coaching, focusing on Akashic Records. This mix helps me offer you a unique kind of help.

I'm from Romania, but I moved to the USA in 2014. By 2019, I realized that the corporate world wasn't right for me and found my calling as a coach after a near-death experience. This became even more important to me in April 2022, when I lost my life partner to cancer. This painful event taught me to help others turn their pain into a driving force for a joyful and abundant life and business.

I've spent over a year traveling in Southeast Asia, learning from many healers, going to retreats, and building a mindset of abundance, trusting that the Universe always has my back. This journey has not only given me a lot of knowledge but also deep wisdom, making what I do really effective.

I'm here to help you move from feeling stuck, overthinking, and tired to feeling alive and connected with your true self. Together, we'll open the doors to a life of abundance that truly matches what you want.

Join me, and let's build your abundance together.

What do some of my past clients have to say:


Michelle Turley, Energy Healer

“Her willingness to take you out of your comfort zone and stand firm is what every business person needs….”

I have worked with Andreea for several months. Her passion is contagious, her attention to detail is spot on, her commitment to following up with your progress is consistent and supportive, her willingness to take you out of your comfort zone and stand firm is what every business person needs!

Kelly Kelleher, Marketer

“Helped me push past my fears of showing up for my business…..”

Andreea is an absolutely incredible and inspiring human being. She helped me push past my fears of showing up for my business, become more aligned with my goals and develop the tactics to reach them. Her ongoing support and encouragement has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and stop playing small. I highly recommend working with her!

Valerie van Ginhoven, Manifestation Coach

“Helped me find the blockages that were stopping me from taking action….”

I'm so grateful to have met Andreea and worked with her one on one. She believed in me and has inspired me to go after my dreams and face my fears while keeping me accountable, which I really needed. The way she asked me questions made me look within to find the blockages that were stopping me from taking action and moving forward on my path.

Marla Galasso, Virtual Assistant

“She is the perfect mix of being nurturing and firmly holding you accountable….”

Andreea is the perfect mix of being nurturing and firmly holding you accountable. She has incredible intuition - she can hear your narrative and pick out a couple of areas for you to focus on. Her homework is substantive. From mirror work and positive affirmations to acknowledging and accepting parts of myself that no longer serve me, I have valued her coaching so very much.

Justine Smith, Copy Writer

“She took a genuine interest in my business and goals…..”

Each discussion I've had with Andreea has been extremely beneficial. From the very first call we had, she took a genuine interest in my business and goals. Since then, she's offered clear guidance and support. I came to some realizations about my own journey and got really inspired to jump back into my business again! After our most recent call, I spent days putting the plans she helped me form into action. I greatly appreciate the coaching she's offered.

Chantay Rigby, Life Coach

“I experienced breakthroughs around my own coaching practice…..”

I was ignoring my intuition, I felt anxious, misaligned, confused, and frustrated with myself. I was also beginning my coaching career and feeling a bit lost and confused about what direction to go in. Working with Andreea helped me confront and confess my deeper thoughts and emotions, and I experienced breakthroughs around my own coaching practice. She made me feel comfortable, I felt no judgment,  and no need to hold back on anything. Andreea is highly knowledgeable and she brought me major clarity to the issues that came up. Her training in NLP and sound advice brought me major clarity.

Michael Pope, Speaker

“Her training and professionalism exceeded my expectation….”

I’m Application Developer and IT Business Consultant for International Paper. I just completed my second group training with Andreea Tamas and it was amazing. I am a natural introvert so I decided to take Andreea's training on Everyone Communicates, Few Connect with the goal of learning to be a better connector. The group discussion and personal accountability were very helpful. I now have better tools for connecting to individuals, small groups, and large audiences. Andreea is an amazing encourager and listener. Her training and professionalism exceeded my expectation. Andreea, I am looking forward to working more with you.

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