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✨I'm on a mission to empower you to transform pain into purpose, guiding you towards creating a life filled with joy, fulfillment, and abundance.✨ 

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ÔĀíy StorÔĀā

Many years ago, my life seemed perfect, or at least that's what I believed... 

But in 2021, everything changed when I received news that¬†smashed my world. My life partner was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Initially, I was in denial, unable to¬†grasp that this could be our reality. Eventually, acceptance settled in, and I did what I knew best‚ÄĒI tried to control every aspect of the situation.

Putting my business on hold, I dedicated myself entirely to "saving" my partner. I delved into researching every possible treatment available worldwide, making all the decisions on his behalf. I thought I had to take care of everything, not realizing I was taking away his control and ability to make decisions. In my heart, I didn't believe he could make the best choices for himself.

Living far from our families in Romania while in the United States brought extra difficulties. However, we were blessed with our soul family, our incredible friends who stood by us at the highest level imaginable. Their constant support, love, and care kept us going. Without them, we wouldn't have been able to explore different treatments or experience the depth of community love and compassion. To them, I am forever grateful.

After eight months of fighting cancer, pursuing both Western and holistic treatments, my partner transitioned to the other side on April 14th, 2022. This journey was both incredibly sad and amazing at the same time. Throughout this time, I was able to show up as my best self, leading with conviction and without regrets. The tools I had acquired during my own healing journey in recent years prepared me to navigate this hard path.

Despite¬†the deepest pain, I also witnessed the most profound beauty. My partner's true essence, pure love, radiated from him, especially in his final weeks. It was then that I¬†understood the true purpose of life‚ÄĒto give and receive love. Love is what we all seek and yearn for, the very essence of our existence.

Now, I stand here, forever changed by this journey. Through my own healing and growth, I've found a deep purpose. I've learned how to navigate life's toughest changes with strength and resilience. My mission is to pass on this knowledge and help others embrace their own transformations.

I was so sick and tired of being miserable and constantly living in the future. I felt crushed by failure and realized deep inside that something had to change......

In that moment of realization, I asked myself some tough questions:

"How can I truly empower him and myself on this journey?"
"What am I really afraid of?"
"Why am I trying so desperately to control him and the outcome?"

The truth revealed itself to me. The need to control came from my fear of losing him. But was it within my power to control such an outcome? Of course not. Life is full of surprises that we can't always control. But I found out that even if we can't control what happens, we can control how we react to it.

With strong determination, I made up my mind. I decided to focus on what I could do, being a steady support for him. Love was like a light for us, showing us the way even when we disagreed. I chose to love him no matter what, even when we saw things differently.

Embracing this new way of thinking showed me something important. When I stopped trying to control everything and started focusing on love and acceptance, it helped him and set me free from fear. This big change brought a lot of freedom and peace.

Now, I want to share what I learned with you. As a coach for life changes, I'm here to give you steady support and advice as you face challenges. We'll figure out what you can control and find your own inner strength. I'll help you learn to love yourself and others no matter what, as you start to understand yourself better and grow. Together, we'll also work on building a life full of abundance, where you feel fulfilled and empowered.

If you're ready to let go of fear and start living a life that feels true to you, then I'm here to help. Let's face life's ups and downs together, shining bright as we live in the moment and see all the possibilities ahead.

Today, I've realized my calling: to support others in building fulfilling and abundant lives, even in the face of challenges.

My journey has been about big changes, from working in restaurants and management consulting in the USA to finding my true purpose in helping others create an orgasmic & abundant life.

I bring a special mix of skills to help you balance your life and business. I'm a certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer with John Maxwell, and I also practice Reiki and SoulCare Coaching, focusing on Akashic Records. This mix helps me offer you a unique kind of help.

I've spent over a year traveling in Southeast Asia, learning from many healers, going to retreats, and building a mindset of abundance, trusting that the Universe always has my back. This journey has not only given me a lot of knowledge but also deep wisdom, making what I do really effective.

I'm here to help you move from feeling stuck, overthinking, and tired to feeling alive and connected with your true self. Together, we'll open the doors to a life of abundance that truly matches what you want.

Join me, and let's build your abundance together.

Let's Create Magic Together
My Values and Priorities

At the heart of who I am, I live by certain values that light up my path in this adventure we call life. These aren't just ideals for me; they're the soulful beats that keep my dance through each day in rhythm, guiding me to lead a life rich in purpose, true to myself, and ever-evolving.

Freedom & Integrity: To me, freedom means being unapologetically me‚ÄĒevery single day, in every single way. It's about staying true to what's in my heart, even when it's scary. And integrity? That's my non-negotiable. It's ensuring that what I think, say, and do are all in harmony, dancing to the same beat.

Pushing Boundaries: I'm all about stretching beyond the comfortable, diving into the unknown with a sparkle in my eyes. It's in those moments, when I'm a little bit scared but excited, that I truly grow, uncovering parts of me I never knew existed.

Wanderlust: Travel is my gateway to the soul of the world. With each new place, I soak in the beauty of our differences and the comfort of our similarities, reminding me of the beautiful tapestry we're all a part of.

Radical Honesty: For me, honesty isn't just a policy; it's the cornerstone of how I build connections. It's about being real with myself and others, believing that truth is the only foundation strong enough to hold the depth of relationships I crave.

Presence: Life, with all its ups and downs, is incredibly beautiful. I'm here for it all‚ÄĒthe big wins, the quiet moments, the laughter, and the tears. Finding joy in the journey is what makes the ride worthwhile.

Speaking My Heart: I wear my heart on my sleeve, speaking my truth even when my voice shakes. It's in these moments of vulnerability that we find our strongest connections and deepest learnings.

Uplifting Others: There's something magical about helping someone see their own light. As a coach and mentor, if I can help someone to stand a little taller, dream a bit bigger, or see a bit clearer, then I've done my heart's work.

Abundance - Have It All: And then there's abundance. To me, abundance means believing there's more than enough love, joy, and success to go around. It's about living life with open hands, ready to give and receive. It's trusting that in giving our all, we receive it all in return.

These values are my north star, guiding me to live deeply, love fully, and make a difference in this world. They fuel my mission to inspire others to discover their own guiding lights, creating lives overflowing with purpose, connection, and yes, abundance.


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